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If there is a billing error in your summary that can translate into a refund for past periods, Standard Rate Review will find it for you. We've corrected utility rates and utility charges for supermarkets, manufacturers, other retail businesses as well as residential communities.


With our risk-free service, you have nothing to lose and endless money to gain month after month. Once we find an issue from the past, we follow through to ensure the utility company has executed the necessary changes to your bill.

Who We Are

Standard Rate Review performs a full analysis of your company's utility bills to ensure you pay the lowest possible amount. The majority of our auditing is done right in our offices to ensure the time spent auditing your bills is minimal. You can count on our experts, who have more than 45 years of experience, to catch any discrepancies or errors that exist. Our objective is to provide clients the most beneficial costs available by working directly with the utility company to reduce past, present, or future bills.

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